Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Petition for Drafting Mike Bloomberg for President | Unite For Mike

I'm not going to sign, but, I'll take a peek.
Petition for Drafting Mike Bloomberg for President | Unite For Mike Mike Bloomberg, please become a candidate for the office of President of the United States
Oil prices are up. The economy is failing. Well, puttering.

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Chris Grayson said...


How have you been? I'm glad to see you're still active with your blog, post election.

I cannot help but comment on your Bloomberg post.

I know Mike's position on guns and smoking has put him at odds with many in the Libertarian movement. I also know that you're a big supporter of Ron Paul. I have nothing but respect for Ron Paul. But I am supporting an independent run for president by Michael Bloomberg. I more often describe myself as an "Unappologetic Capitalist" than as a Libertarian (I do sometimes say I'm a small "L" libertarian, as I do not belong to the "Libertarian Party"). Ideologically, as you know, I embrace the libertarian cause. But I am not a Utopianist.

Here is my take— It is rare that one find a candidate that agrees with them on every single issue. But at the end of the day, the President is the executive manager of the world's most powerful enterprise, the US government. It is my belief that most voter's underestimate the value of competence and management experience. What is most important to me is, do they have the competence and the experience to manage such an enterprise? Will they keep the economy strong? Will they make sound judgement in a crisis? Will they hire competent people, or just give valuable positions to unqualified individuals because they either have party connects or "owe" someone because of a campaign contribution?

Bloomberg's money buys him independence of a sort no other candidate can claim. He owes nobody any favors, and no allegiance to any lobby.

He is a businessman, in a real Ayn Rand sense of the word. Mike was born the son of a dairy farm bookkeeper. He epitomizes the self-made American Capitalist.

The private sector business practices Mike Bloomberg has brought to City Hall in New York have had the most astounding impact. He is not ideological. I know that is why many Libertarians may not be attracted to him. He doesn't sit back and philosophize about whether a particular action is going to be perceived as liberal or conservative. He is results driven, in a very business-like way.

For all the respect I have for Ron Paul, he is not an executive, nor is Ron Paul a product of the private sector. He is a legislator and a career politician. Having put a lot of thought into this, I feel that Ron Paul's strengths lie in the legislative branch.

And for ideological purist, it isn't as though Ron Paul is without his deviations from the Libertarian platform. His position on immigration runs counter to the free-flow of capital and labor, and his pro-life position on abortion, and his creationist beliefs alienates many in the Libertarian community as well. On these platform issues, Bloomberg is closer to the Libertarian party-line than Paul.

As the economy moves to the forefront, as the most important issue to most voters, Bloomberg's odds of capturing the national election are strengthened. He is, after all, a self made multi-billionaire. He's also the most technologically savvy of all conceivable candidates. With a degree in electrical engineering, he even knows some computer programming. With the dependence on the tech-sector that our economy now has, I think it would be very beneficial to have a president that actually understands technology. He understands the tech-sector of our economy inside and out.

But it is really Bloomberg's hard nosed management skills, and private sector entrepreneurial success are what really separate him from all the others.

If you have a look at my draft Bloomberg website, you may see some familiar ideas there.

Run Mike Run
Michael Bloomberg for President

I know how solid your support is for Ron Paul. I don't expect I'll win you over as a convert. But Bloomberg is a contender, and would be much better for our country than anything either major party has up for offer.

Keep fighting the good fight,