Thursday, January 17, 2008

Coach Gordon ousted at Penn Hills High School as football coach

Bam! Penn Hills should give walking papers to the mascot -- the "INDIAN" -- before it gives the ax (err, tomahawk) to the head coach. Coach Gordon was at Penn Hills when I was there. He wasn't the head coach then, but he was an assistant coach. We just celebrated our 30th high school reunion. The rest of my Mr. Gordon stories can wait -- as today's news is brutal.
Gordon ousted at Penn Hills Penn Hills has decided it does not want Neil Gordon back as coach after 22 seasons. Gordon, who won 156 games and guided the Indians to the WPIAL title game only two seasons ago, said he was 'blindsided' by his removal.
Perhaps he can do color commentary on the high school sports network like Bill Cowher's gig.

Is Mr. Gordon still the Athletic Director? Is that direction still on the map?

Update from the Trib article: Gordon retired as Penn Hills' athletic director following the 2006-07 school year and was working on a supplemental contract this past fall. Such contracts come up for review annually and are filled at the discretion of the school board, according to Teresita Kolenchak, public relations coordinator for the Penn Hills School District.

"A decision was made," Kolenchak said. "It wasn't a vote. No vote was taken."
That does NOT wash with me. No vote. That's not a decision I can live with.

Coaching in the region is important. And, the coaching relationships with schools here stink.

Because this is 'typical' does not make it 'right.' It is wrong.



Mark Rauterkus said...

More from the article:Vecchio, who said the vote Monday to open the position was unanimous, added that the action was consistent with a desire among board members for change throughout the district.

"We are looking to just change everything."

These folks must be watching and listening to all those D Party Debates with PRESIDENTIAL candidates. Change, change, change.

Do they have change on the brains?

Anonymous said...

What does one expect, she led the ousting of Rick Santorum......Change for the sake of change. The Democratic Platorm, Obama-Vecchio in 2008 (another loser Dem combo)