Friday, January 25, 2008

Primer on Delegates and the Conventions. Will be interesting.

McClatchy Washington Bureau | 01/25/2008 | Could tight election races in both parties lead to brokered conventions? Republicans don't have super-delegates, but the rules on how delegates vote are basically left to the state and territory parties. More than 650 GOP delegates could arrive at the Minneapolis-St. Paul convention unpledged to any candidate, while more could be only informally bound to vote for a candidate, according to Jay Cost, a University of Chicago political science graduate student writing for Republicans require 1,191 delegates for the nomination.
This year the national conventions for both old parties might be interesting. I'm sure, according to my hunch, that the GOP convention will be wild. I was talking to someone on the phone and he said he expects fists to be flying on the floor of the Republican convention.

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