Saturday, January 26, 2008

High School Highlights: Schenley's streak hits 69

High School Highlights: Schenley's streak hits 69:
This gives another good reason why the Pittsburgh City League needs to be eliminated.

In swimming, there are no teams at Oliver and Westinghouse and Perry.


It is not any fun to go through years of play with league opponents and always win.

Let's raise some standards. Let's get the city kids playing in the WPIAL on a day to day basis.

Let's have a city league tournament, or tip-off classic, or all-star post-season match. The city teams would still play against each other from time to time. But, the city league squads need to have 'competition' that makes sense.


Patrick said...

This "problem" will get worse if the city continues in the direction of boutique schools like CAPA or a math-science HS. Do the benefits of these smaller schools outweigh the downsides (fewer sports, especially the sports unpopular with black students)?

Anonymous said...

LET THE CITY LEAGUE GOOOO!! It's all about sports anyway. Kids transfer from different schools yearly for their "education". Parents use fake address to send their kids to WPIAL schools in search of that big scholarship in the sky. It also will create new rivalries with each other and new experience within the kids.