Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pittsburgh 250 nonsense - letter to editor from Donn

Ron Morris has Moes. I've got Running Mates. I'm going to make Donn a new running mate.
Pittsburgh 250 nonsense - Pittsburgh Tribune-ReviewPittsburgh 250 nonsense

I read Colin McNickle's column about the warped thinking behind the public relations campaign for the Pittsburgh 250 celebration with great interest ("Stop this nonsense!," Jan. 20 and

I reread it with great dismay, because he hit the proverbial nail on the head.

I do not see this region progressing -- just look at the low immigration numbers. The hungry and business-savvy immigrants who can't wait to start small businesses to live the American dream are smart enough to stay away. To me that speaks volumes, as did McNickle's well-thought-out column.

Look at the fiasco of the Hill District "community leaders" who are strong-arming the city/county or anyone else for a taxpayer-funded supermarket near the new arena site.

Why don't they ask Giant Eagle why it won't build one in their "hood"? They probably already did ask and did not like the answer. How pathetic!

Bill Flanagan, Pittsburgh 250's executive director, and his legions at the Allegheny Conference are of good intent and well-compensated, but he is like Nero fiddling while Pittsburgh burns!

Donn Nemchick, Munhall

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