Saturday, January 19, 2008

So, these loosers love Pittsburgh but are not telling -- or flashing in the open

Post-Gazette NOW - Local News - Early Returns State law does not require that municipalities reveal the details of proposals by losing bidders in competitive processes. However, Early Returns today consulted legal opinions to determine whether correspondence to the mayor, in response to a public solicitation of amorous prose, would fall within the Right-to-Know Act, allowing public access to the losing entries, and potential scrutiny of the administration's decisions and examination of whether they favored members of the Democratic Committee. The mayor's office stopped short of promising access to the losing entries.
Here is a reason to love Pittsburgh -- it is open to winners and loosers -- without secrets.

Take the entries and post em all.

Pick em. Go to lunch. Do it dutch! Swap spit if you wish. Then get back to work after the nooner.

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