Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Local campaign finance reform proposed

Link to the PDF of the campaign finance reform legislation now hitting city council from Bill Peduto.
local-campaign-finance-reform-proposed.pdf (application/pdf Object)
I've seen this before. Two years ago as this bill (or one sorta like it) was introduced to city council, I put up a quick challenge to it. As a citizen, and with other citizens, we put in a petition to call for a public hearing.

At the public hearing, there was strong desire to look further at the bill. So, a task force was formed.

At first blush, I was NOT asked to be on that task force. But, then I got an invite.

As a task force, we had meetings for a few months. We had opinions. We reached some agreements. Our findings were slated for another public hearing or post-agenda. But, that never came. The case from Philly was moving along in the courts and a wait-and-see attitude won the day from Bill Peduto.

Now, I await the re-formation of the task force. We should meet again to review our notes. We should compare the old legislation and our suggestions with what is hitting now, in 2008. We should try to get onto the same page, again.

Our task force was called by Bill Peduto, but he kept a hands-off approach to our work. That was good. But, when it was time to go hands on again -- it stayed hands off.

Furthermore, a public hearing is necessary, again. I'm sure Bill Peduto is going to call for that. So, with that trust, I'm not going to jump through the hoops to get a public hearing forced upon city council. But, I'd sign a petition from any other who wants to coordinate such an effort.

Speaking of petitions -- I think it would be wise to have a petition to talk about the 'spray parks' that are due in Pittsburgh at a cost of $200,000 or so.

Let's get into the issues as desired.
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