Saturday, January 19, 2008

New website allows for searching of Allegheny County

An interesting press release and password was sent in an email. I'm checking it out now.
Beaver, PA based Property Data Solutions LLC would like to announce the launch of a new website which will allow advanced searching of Allegheny County property records. Searching capabilities include searching by name, address, property type, school district and others categories on over 565,000 properties
in Allegheny County, PA. A database with over 15 million of pieces of property information has been in development for 6 weeks in anticipation of the launch of this site, the only local website that allows the public to search a complete database of Allegheny County property records by name.

Since Allegheny County Council restricted access to name searches on the Allegheny County Property Assessment website many residents, businesses and government agencies have been unable to effectively and easily search property records over the internet. hopes to bridge this gap with a search engine that will let our website subscribers locate needed property information quickly, 24 hours a day and at a minimal cost without visiting County Offices.

Property Data Solutions LLC will allow access to the subscription only through daily, weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions which currently start at $0.99 for one day + tax. Longer subscription lengths are available and multiple user discounts and site licenses are also available for large
organizations, real estate companies, media outlets and other business that depend on accurate property information delivered over the internet.

Facts about
• 565,190 property records in Allegheny County available for search.
• 15,260,000 pieces of Allegheny County property data in our database.
• Website has been in development for 6 weeks.
• Secure payments for subscriptions are handled via No credit card information is stored on our server.
• The only local website that allows name searching of properties located in Allegheny County.
A special login for media wishing to test out our site for reporting purposes is available for the next 7 days. ...

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This site is now free. The way it should be.