Friday, January 25, 2008

Property Taxes, Rauterkus / Palmer, 108 S. 12th Street and Dan Onorato's ploy

Got this letter in the mail that goes to the heart of our Dan Onorato's claim that he doesn't raise property taxes.

We live on the South Side.

Parcel ID: 0003-M-00383-0000-00

108 S. 12th St
Legal Description: Fred Bausman Plan 22 Lot 20x80 S. 12th St Cor BR
2 1/2 STY FRA HSE 108
17th Ward
Tax Status: 20 - Taxable

Notice is hereby given that the real estate assessed / Market Value for the above mentioned property has changed as shown below for the year 2008.

This change is a result of a building permit change.

Comparison to Prior Market Value

Land Value from 11600 to 17300
Building Value from 94500 to 124900
Total Value from 106100 to 142200

Please be advised that you have the right to appeal the Office of Property Assessments determination by filing a Special Appeals Form with the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review (Appeals Board) within thirty days of the date of this notice.

The Assessed/Market Value listed above does not include any exemptions. If you qualify for any Special Acts Abatements, the Office of Preoperty Assessments will make the adjustments for county tax purposes only.

This notice pertains to Assessed / Market Value only. Your property tax bills are calculated and determined by separate taxing bodies. Questions about your tax bill should be directed to your school district, municipality or the Allegheny County Treasurer.

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