Sunday, September 28, 2008

3rd party debates brew

Trevor Lyman is the man who organized the Ron Paul money bombs.

One Lyman money bomb raised $4 million in one day.

Another raised $6 million in one day.

Now, Lyman is at it again.

Lyman wants to hold a third party debate in New York City.

Lyman was inspired by Ron Paul's press conference a couple of weeks ago.

At that press conference, Paul called on his followers to ditch the two major parties and throw their support to one of the independent or third party candidates.

So, we all need to support Lyman's push for an alternative debate now.

If Lyman gets 10,000 pledges by October 8, he and the other sponsors will organize a debate in New York City.

All major candidates -- Nader, Barr, McKinney, Baldwin, Obama and McCain will be invited.

Already, with no publicity, Lyman has close to 1,000 pledgers.

So go to now.

And add your name to the pledge list.

You don't have to say how much you are pledging.

Just add your name.

The Commission on Presidential Debates won't let Ralph debate.

So, let's get behind Trevor Lyman's push now.

Let's crank it up.

And get it done.

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Anonymous said...

Problem was that Trevor and his posse of opportunists thought that we actually liked him or respected him. We loved Ron Paul....Trevor made a website, that is was not his idea, and the forum supporters promoted it....the media may be mildly retarded because the guy tried like 8 money bombs after the 5th....all were weak aside from the tea party that the actual supporters decided on...not him.