Thursday, September 25, 2008

America Says NO to the Bush Bailout!

Missed this event. Wish I could have gone. Any others like it in the future -- post them here in the comments and I'll plug them on the blog.
America Says NO to the Bush Bailout!: "Let's deliver an immediate and direct response to the president’s call for this enormous bailout: NO!

Volunteers will host actions in cities and towns across the country with a simple message: 'America says NO Bush Bailout!”

Find an event (or *create* a new one if there's not one already -- we must lead ourselves)"

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Anonymous said...

On Thursday and Friday, TAE host Ron Morris serves as host for
Pittsburgh Renaissance Radio, airing from 3 - 6 PM on Money Talk 1360
WMNY. There will be plenty of great discussion on a variety of topics
and issues.

On Thursday, we'll take a look at the issue that's on top of
everybody's lips these days: the economy. With President Bush's speech
last night on the front of the public's collective mind, one may
ponder the question, "Just HOW did we get here?"

To help Ron answer that question will be Chuck Leyh, President of
Enterprise Bank in Allison Park. Chuck has appeared on the Saturday
show numerous times, most recently this past Saturday, discussing the
turmoil facing the banking industry. Now with the issue having reached
a crisis level, Chuck's insights will be invaluable to learning about
what's really going on.

Plus, Chuck will be joined by John Berlau, the Director of the Center
for Entrepreneurship at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in
Washington D.C., a policy group that focuses on economic and ecological
issues. John's recent op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal, "Maybe
the Banks Are Just Counting Wrong," provides an excellent analysis of
the "mark-to-market" accounting process, and how it led to the current
situation. (A situation that has grown even WORSE since the article's
release this past Saturday.)

Also, Ron will talk with Joe DeCarlo, the Proprietor of Wright's
Seafood Inn in Carnegie, about the impact that the Allegheny County
Drink Tax is having on his business. You won't want to miss what Joe
has to say about this controversial piece of legislation.

In addition, we'll talk with Patty Tascarella, writer for the
Pittsburgh Business Times, about the local impact that the troubles on
Wall Street are having on the Western Pennsylvania business community.

On Friday, Ron returns with more great discussion of local business
ssues and ideas, including a talk with Brad Barlow, Executive Vice
President of Actuarial Data Inc., about the groundbreaking
developments with this Carnegie-based company.

That's Thursday and Friday from 3 - 6 PM on Pittsburgh Renaissance
Radio on Money Talk 1360 WMNY. You can also catch us, as always, via
interactive online discussion LIVE during the show at TalkShoe.

Don't miss it!