Friday, September 26, 2008

Pittsburgh Mom Accused Of Attacking School Employees - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh

This is weird, very weird.
Pittsburgh Mom Accused Of Attacking School Employees - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh: "A mother of two Brashear High School students was arrested after a dispute with school employees at the family's Elmore Square home on Friday.

According to school officials, the 14-year-old student was exhibiting odd behavior, which was a concern. School officials said they tried to contact the girl's family but were unable to reach anyone, so two employees escorted the teen and an older sibling home.

When they arrived at the family's house, the girls' father, Jim Malloy, said he called police because he was mad that the school sent the girls home.

Malloy said his wife, Lisa, began yelling at the women as they were leaving, telling them they had to wait for the police to arrive. At that point, Malloy said all of the women began pushing each other, and they fell to the ground.

When police arrived, Malloy said his wife was arrested. He said when he called the principal of the school to get more information, the principal claimed to not know anything about the students being taken home.

Police are investigating.
If school officials come knocking at your door -- get out your video camera at the least.

I'd love to have the names of the school employees published in the news too. The names of the parents are here.

Police are investigating. Is that City of Pgh Police? School Police? Who?

The principal should be on camera with this interview too. That is suspect as well. What did he say exactly?

Anyone can post to the comments of this blog. Info is helpful.

Update. The story now has video and has been updated slightly.


Anonymous said...

John K: Folks just say anything you want about this Mom. Rauterkaus needs the talking points to inflame the issue in his pursuit of power. Doesn't even have to be right. Just so long as it stirs the pot.

Matt H said...

That would have to be a city police investigation.

Rob Carr said...

The news report I read listed the names of the two women in their late 50s -- one of them was a nun.

I think you're backing the wrong horse on this one, Mark.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yes, I too heard that one of the women, both not too far from the age of retirement, was a sister. Great that they didn't end up in the hospital for an extended stay.

Yes, more news has come from the initial reports -- when the first blog peep came based on a news source.

I'm not backing a "horse" -- but asking questions, digging, wondering.

Frankly, it looks to be good that the student was pulled out of school. Nice too to have her older sister help out with matters.

Things at the house didn't go well. Perhaps the school police should have been on hand earlier -- making the delivery with the intervention workers. ??? Or, as follow-up.

To get the city police involved so quickly is weird -- and to have the police called by the dad (?) seemed strange.

So glad that the school workers w the student (a female) were women and were with each other.

Hope the intervention goes 1,000-times better at another day / time.