Sunday, September 28, 2008

This blog is not going to go away. Folks, some $.03 advice:

Rule #1 (when speaking with activists): Don't burn out.

A number of others are going away. Not me. Not this blog. I'm here to stay, still.

What is the age after pyrite? Perhaps a new phase is in its dawn.

A few other rules to live by, as a follow-up to Sunday's service.

Minister suggested:

1. Show up
2. Be honest
3. 4. 5. Have faith. (rushing ahead)

Other point(s) I've advanced:

a) Make 'em sweat.
b) Score more points.
c) Don't fear the calling of a vote.

Other points from others that were raised just today:
A) Keep as much distance as possible between other objects and your crotch. (Kids on return from South Park for ride on BMX bikes and the choice of a smaller bike.)

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