Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bill Ogden's ideas about the current bailout situation

Good Afternoon Everyone!

My calculator only goes up to 99,999,999. So I had to use some brain cells that I thought were used up -- a notebook and pen! Here is what I figured:

President Bush wants to bail out all the Banks because the Banks aren't being paid back the money that they lent out.

Already...it is estimated that the President gave out about $300,000,000,000 ($300 Billion) to banks and other corporations who have overextended themselves--(within last 60 days)

Now He wants an additional $700,000,000,000 ($700 Billion) to bail out wall street again.

He, Congress, and Talking Heads are spinning. "They" say they want to help "Main Street" and hate it whenever anyone says Wall Street. BTW: "Main Street" is supposed to mean you and me.

Who will be responsible for paying back the $1,000,000,000,000 ($1 Trillion)???
You and me silly... Main Street USA.

The way I see it, we would all be better off if we learned how to live within our means.

I am speaking from experience because I'm also guilty of using credit beyond my earnings. This means that I need to correct my situation with personal sacrifice and hard work.

The President, Congress, and the Talking Heads ignore these lessons of life.
Sacrifice and paying off debts are not in there vocabulary.

The Answer to this Nations Dilema is pulling ourselves up by our proverbial bootstraps and not using credit cards--etc...it's our biggest addiction problem. GUILTY as charged! I cut all of mine up today 09/30/08 at 2:30pm...the withdrawals are beginning to settle in...shake shake twitch twitch. It means purchasing items that I can afford. Want and Need aren't always the same. Even if it means that Debra and I remain in the same home or keep the same car longer.

As a Nation, it may take 7 years of hard work and sacrifice across the board.

Let's play Devils Advocate for a moment. $1,000,000,000,000 divided by 225,000,000 (225 million US Residents 18 yrs and older) equals about: $4500 each.

If Big Brother wants to play Big Bank to everyone and own you....ahh ahh I mean "Help" you--Main Street...then...why not print up some more Federal Reserve Notes and mail them out to all of the US Citizens 18 years and older?

Who cares if the US dollar depreciates in value...it going to anyways after they bail out Wall Street...ahh ahh I mean the banks....ahh ahh I mean Main Street...uggghhhh!

How's this one instead: Americans are Forgiven all past Tax Debt no matter what the amount is great or small and Everyone receives a clean slate...as well as a Free Pass for all of 2008! Do you think this would help "Main Street" as well as "Wall Street"??
What's good enough for Wall Street should be good enough for Main Street...and vice versa.

When a person or entity restructures personal and commercial debt--it is important to eliminate unneccessary expenses. Some families implement a monthly budget and sometimes go to great lengths to pay off debts--ie: Yard Sales etc...

The Federal Govt. is the largest employer in the world...with no end in site.
Beginning 05/01/09 we can Start from Scratch by cutting spending.
Abolish the IRS and implement a National Sales Tax...everyone will begin paying their so-called "fair share" inclulding Illegal aliens and Syndicated Crime who have false ssn numbers. The US citizens who are on "fixed" incomes can show a card giving them a discount for purchases.

Is the National Sales Tax (Fair Tax) perfect? Nothing is...but it has to be better than the thousands of pages of tax codes and inconsistencies. End all "Tax Write-Offs"...no more Tax Filing. April 15th will be declared "American Freedom Day!"

There is plenty more to CUT...but I don't want to upset the millions of people that I send this out to.

Okay...back to work everybody!

--Bill Ogden

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