Tuesday, September 30, 2008

KDKAradio interview with PNC Bank dude.

PNC banker guy wants the bailout, $700B, (or more) because it is cheap. The cost of business just went up -- without the bailout, so he says.

Frankly, I think he has it upside down. He must be like the guy two weeks ago who said that the bailout was just like a "haircut." The PNC guy thinks bailout is cheap then.

His bottom line: He does not wish to cut off his nose despite his face. Great advice from a guy who wants to hold onto his job in the banking industry.

Marty Griffin was 'slimed' yet says thanks to the guy for putting the bailout into terms that the man on the street can understand. Meanwhile, Marty can't even begin to come to grips with the word trillion, as to his own self criticism.

Update: Part 2 message:

'Trillions' are not 'gone.'

That was paper money.

The house value for the building you live in is how different from yesterday, or last week?

You're Jewish holiday message stinks. Take a day off to get into the book of life as there is more to some than the wallet.

I'm fine with Congress taking a day off. Better would be giving them a week off and best would be a year off!

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