Monday, September 22, 2008

Live Blog Roosevelt interview

Students get 50% for nothing. Raising all students to get something for nothing. Rant from Marty Griffin from a school teacher. Tear up the test, get 50%. Fifty percent for nothing.

Eyebrows raised over city school policy that sets 50% as minimum score: "Eyebrows raised over city school policy that sets 50% as minimum score
1 1=3? In city schools, it's half right"

Roosevelt said, "You got to keep the kids engaged."

Well, let's keep the kids in sports.

If you get 20% and then 2 Bs in a class -- you still fail.

Well, if the kids gets 20% -- they'd be fired if they were on a job.

School district given Es not Fs.

Last week the Pgh Promise Board said 2 years to move to 2.5 rather than 1 year. Adolescence is a tough time. They are moving a college scholarship to 2.5 GPA. Go figure. If a kid gets a 2.5 they are not going to do anything in college except flunk out.

Kids that get to graduate from a 50% worst score will hit college and might expect the same treatment. That is not the time to have a surprise, in college.

Lot of places have these policies! Who? Where? We'll be surprised as to how many.

Even if there are plenty of places that are giving 50% for nothing -- does that make it right?

Have a test re-take. Make-up the homework. Make sure that the class is not

4 Bs and 1 E give a kid a promotion to the next grade.

Trying to keep the kids engaged.

Taking 1 more year to go to 2.5. Then we'll have a graduation test at 2012. Then we'll raise the standard again. But, that standard is not constructed yet.

Brashier High School has more than expected students this year. He does not have the numbers yet. It has been nearly a month into the school year and he does not have the numbers! Furthermore, the media needs to ask him these attendance figures and have them reported. Brashier is up 200 students. The lunch room is over filled.

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