Friday, September 26, 2008

Latest Ad: Obama & next generation vets. My $.02 advice is posted...

Great touch w women in wheel chair. Props to that within the ad's message.

Sadly, far too many of the next generation of US vets can't watch nor hear the ad as too many are with trauma with hurt eyes and ears from blasts. The future brings a major need for nurses. Plus, the former soldiers are formerly very physical people (i.e., PE guys for shorthand). They need to romp, play, rehab, and be engaged in the physical world -- for wellness sake.

My $.02 tip: Speak to a new wave of Paralympics like events for vets. These next generation rec centers must be established with a mixing among able body vets, family and civilians too. What killed others in past wars makes blind and deaf now. Their lives have 'changed' (hint to the "CHANGE" theme). Their dignity is to be treasured, with lots of investment in activities, programming, engagement!

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