Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Friend sold her car and now lives only with a bike as transportation --- her saga

She has survived the first week. See the comments for the update.


Anonymous said...

Well the first weekend of the great bike riding adventure went okay. There were some technical glitches which ended with me getting a ride to Dick's today to exchange the bike, but all is well now. Even with a non functioning bike I managed to ride it to Book Club on Friday, the bank and Post Office on Saturday, and to church on Sunday. I walked to the laundromat with my mammoth Ikea bag. All in all it went well and I don't think I am going to have any real problems. The traffic didn't bother me and now that I can actually shift and pick up speed I should be fine. I've been showering a lot and drinking lots of water! I do have a coworker who will pick me up if it snows. In fact, he would pick me up anyway, but I am Stubborn and I need to do this Myself! Anyway all is well and I think this is going to work! Boy did it feel good to call and cancel my car insurance! And, yes, I sold the van for more than I paid for the bike, so things are good!

Anonymous said...

questions: How far is your work commute? Do you have to travel through any tunnels?

Mark Rauterkus said...

She goes about 5 miles. No tunnels.

I think that we should put bikes in some tunnels -- like Wabash. And, we should put bikes on bus lanes too. There will need to be some new treatments, but it is possible.