Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Orange going rotten: Robinson's time at Syracuse coach appears to be growing short - College Football

Pitt's footballers go to New York this week to play Syracuse. Interesting.
ESPN - Robinson's time at Syracuse coach appears to be growing short - College Football: "Robinson's time at Syracuse coach appears to be growing short
I can't wait to see the movie. I'm a big fan of sports flicks from Hoosiers to Remember the Titans to Miracle to Pre (a movie about Steve Prefontane). Sports flicks are interesting -- even Rocky.

Syracuse athletic director Dr. Daryl Gross said Monday that the Orange football team has yet to show the "obvious progress" necessary for Greg Robinson to remain as football coach beyond this season.

Syracuse has a Big East record of 2-22 in the past three seasons.

Dr. Daryl Gross, Syracuse athletics director, has been stung by recent coast-to-coast criticism, including on ESPN's "College GameDay," of the program's decline under his watch. He made an unsolicited phone call to ESPN.com to defend himself, citing the university's success in nonrevenue sports, ranging from the 2008 NCAA men's lacrosse championship to an Orange field hockey program currently ranked third in the nation.

"We got so many good things going on here," Gross said. "The 800-pound gorilla is football. You and I both know we've been very fair to Coach Robinson. Everyone wanted the guy's head last year. I said I didn't want Syracuse to become one of those three-years-and-out schools. I said, 'Let's calm down and [if needed] we'll get the first pick of the draft [of coaching candidates] next year.' That's where we are."

Save Syracuse Swimming

Hope Pitt beats Syracuse this weekend in football.

Hope Syracuse puts the AD's head on a stick.

Hope Syracuse moves to re-start the swim team and fund them fully.

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