Thursday, September 25, 2008

Memo to Ricky Burgess about his youth policy.

I LOVE gangs. I desire more attention to positive gangs that we control: orchestras, swim teams, baseball leagues.

Ricky Burgess, D, member of Pittsburgh City Council, is pitching a program that is now about a bigger stick to whack down a wider reach of folks. His policy, and that of the mayor, is a continuation of the failed policy of the WAR ON DRUGS.

This is like a "surge" on our streets.

KDKA Radio's Marty read my posting (above, mostly) on the air.

Paradise Gray does not know Anthony! Get out! The schools are not being well utilized. We agree. Anthony calls it the kids fault.

The violence must stop. No joke. But how? With more violence isn't okay.

Caller: If we have trouble makers -- why isn't the police already doing their jobs? They are not to police themselves -- or are they? Our tax money goes to the police to do a job.

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