Tuesday, September 30, 2008

AG Corbett does PR in month before election, wrongly, IMHO

Mcall.com: Capitol Ideas with John L. Micek Blog Is This What They Call Escalation?
Democratic Attorney General candidate John Morganelli says he wants Morganelli Auditor General Jack Wagner to look at incumbent Republican AG Tom Corbett's spending on radio PSAs touting an illegal gun task force in Philly.
In an e-mail missive we received this morning, Morganelli says he also wants to know why the spots are now appearing on twice the number of stations they have in the past.
'These are nothing but political advertisements disguised as 'public service announcements' saturating the airwaves of southeastern Pennsylvania in an election year,' Morganelli charged.
I think the D candidate, John Morganelli, has a legit beef on this.

But rather than ask for help from Jack Wagner, someone should be putting in an ethics violation. But, if an ethics complaint was filed from the candidate, he'd not be able to talk about it, due to the gag order that is part of that process. So, I hope, there are others who are able to carry the water on this underhanded PR campaign.

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