Tuesday, October 07, 2008

LTE: Gambling and Children

Letter to editor for your consideration

By Mike Ference
Clairton, PA 15025

Illegal Gaming exposed for Chuck E Cheese Tokens
By Mike Ference

Who would have thunk it. Casino operators are able to do what DAs and
keystone cops have not been able to do since illegal gambling began to
flourish at the end of prohibition – shut down government protected gaming
operations that allowed certain groups and individuals to rake in tax-free
money in mob-controlled towns scattered across the commonwealth of

To boost revenues in seven existing casinos, the Pennsylvania Gaming
Control Board is passing out grant money to assist police departments in
finding and prosecuting businesses that house illegal gambling operations.

My gut says there’s got to be a lawsuit with a 50/50 chance of exposing
just how corrupt Pennsylvania government really is and maybe a story or
two on how certain crimes committed by the right ethnic group seem to get
a pass.

Mob lawyers – with extensive background in union affairs – could easily
argue past practice should prevail. In other words, Pennsylvania gambling
devices have a god-given right to stay plugged in because for decades the
gambling joints have been pilfering the hard-earned money of loyal patrons
for decades with no interference from the law.

I’ve also done the research by quizzing an expert on organized crime (who
has written extensively on the mob, he even had a grandfather whacked)
about the, who, what and where of illegal gaming operations. According to
this seasoned law enforcement officer only two scenarios are possible in a
town playing host to illegal gaming operations. One, government and law
enforcement officials are collecting bribes or protection money to assure
the gambling biz is never interrupted. Two, if there are no bribes, money
is being left on the table. Either way, it seems taxpayers could benefit
from a class-action suit and finally get their share of gambling funds
based on government incompetence or good old-fashioned corruption.

As for as the grant money being shelled out by the Pennsylvania Gaming
Control Board; my seven grandkids and I would be willing to guide local
police to all the gambling operations in the Mob Valley section of
Allegheny County (sorry I mean Mon Valley) just for fun or a few Chuck E
Cheese tokens.

Sadly, the folks who are paid to do the same appear to be clueless.


Anonymous said...

This is an incorrect statement..."Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is passing out grant money to assist police departments in finding and prosecuting businesses that house illegal gambling operations." The grants can only be used to find and prosecute illegal slot machine use, not other forms of illegal gambling.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the correction.

Anonymous tips are harder to have faith, however.

TheHighFive said...
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Anonymous said...

Will the politicians just accept that they no longer have a monopoly over gambling, and that people are going to play.. no matter what the government thinks. Online gambling is a force that they haven't been able to stop yet.