Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Strategic Plan is out and comments are to bounce back by the 13th

Pittsburgh Public Schools | Strategic Plan:

Download the Final Draft Stategic Plan here [PDF, 69p.]
Read the Press Release regarding Public Commentary here [PDF, 1p., 08/02/08]

I'm signed up to speak at 7 pm on October 13, 2008.

Kathy wrote in an email:

Lots of ongoing issues at the PPS and many reasons for all of us to stay engaged:

1) Declining enrollment in the PPS. We are trying to evaluate the numbers.

2) IB facility location. IB committee is looking at tentative sites and will release recommendations this month. However the general public has no idea what sites are being considered and what will happen to the students that are enrolled at whichever site is selected.

3) Mark Roosevelt recently released his draft of the district’s strategic plan that addresses the direction of the PPS over the next 6 years. We are all supposed to read this 65 page document and come up with comprehensive questions and concerns for the October 13 public hearing (no worries, your kids don’t need to eat or bath over the next 2 weeks while you dive into this dense and confusing document!). Call the Board of Education to sign up to speak at this meeting (412-622-3600)

We at PURE Reform will try to decipher and distill this document and have the results on the website (www.purereform.com) ASAP.

Please go to http://purereform.blogspot.com/ to register your thoughts/comments.

Anyone willing to help with compiling the information that we need for informed decision making, please contact Kathy Fine at finekj - @ - hotmail - .- com.

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