Sunday, October 05, 2008

Newspaper Article on Citizens who speak at public meetings quotes me

We are fixtures!

Self-appointed watchdogs refuse to roll over

Article link in the Sunday Pittsburgh Tribune Review.
Mark Rauterkus, 49, of the South Side has consistently challenged City Council, and on his Web site he calls citizenship "a serious responsibility." A stay-at-home father and part-time swimming coach, Rauterkus uses his free time to monitor local government. He's run for public office as a Libertarian, and he regularly updates his blog with commentary on the national, state and local political events.

Challenging government decisions isn't just about saying no, he said.

"If we all did a little bit of the lifting then it wouldn't be such a heavy burden for the naysayers out there," he said.
Of course, I am 'self-appointed' -- but -- I'm also often in a capacity that is more than self-appointed. As an elected board member of the Libertarian Party, I have a 'duty.' As a nominated candidate who has had people in the public sign nomination papers, I have a role too.

One element that I don't generally do is use my voice to rail against other property owners and fellow citizens. The target of most of my messages is government and our public life.

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