Saturday, October 04, 2008

Nice Bike Ride Today -- ran into the Mayor

From Erik

Mark Rauterkus and Luke Ravenstahl, both enjoying the 250th at Point State Park.
From people & vips

The way traffic was shut down in the city was a disgrace, by the way. By 11 am, the roads that crossed the city were closed due to 250 bikers on the bike path. Go figure. There is no way that they needed to close so many roads for such a long period.

Furthermore, those with eagle eyes can notice the outside of The Hilton Hotel and the bare facade, still unfinished.

The best thing at Point State Park, was getting to make our own Smile Cookies, thanks to Eat 'n Park.

From texture - misc.

Saw VIP, Mr. Pippy, wearing his Army bike top.
From people & vips

The fountain is pink. The fireworks are yet to occur.

From Transportation

Fireworks just happened. Boy, the launch site at the USX Tower, now adorned with the lighted UPMC sign, didn't fire as designed, did it?

From Erik

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