Friday, November 21, 2008

Bike Pittsburgh - Bike the Strike!

Bike Pittsburgh - Bike the Strike!: "Don’t let the Strike slow you down, BIKE!"


Anonymous said...

John K: Yah bike it in. Carry those groceries in bags hanging from the frame. Get those old people with walkers to get on those bikes. Work an 8 hour shift at manual labor and then bike it home thru freezing air temps. Any other loony ideas?

Anonymous said...

Dumb John K at it again..biking is a great idea, if the weather was warmer, but its not, but, biking is possible...anyways...

I walk to work, and to the grocery store, and drive only when I need to when the task at hand requires it.

The strike (if it happens) will have zero effect on my life. I feel bad for those without an alternative.

What is your idea John K? Seems that pretty much nothing original comes of this reply, or for that matter, any other post.

John K = hot air, with no substance. Better yet, get on a bike. Sounds like you need to get some issues worked out.

Anonymous said...

John K: Biking is a great idea if the weather is great? You actually said that? The bus drivers will not be on strike when the weather is great. They ain't that dumb. By the way, how is it riding a bike in 18 degree weather with ice on the road. Thrilling I bet. LOL LOL