Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cafe Witness: PittGirl and the Trouble With Being Anonymous

Cafe Witness: PittGirl and the Trouble With Being Anonymous: "PittGirl and the Trouble With Being Anonymous"
My posting in that thread is repeated here:

esides the fact that I was part of the persona that was PittGirl -- I am also Mark Rauterkus and NOT Anonymous.

Great post Justin.

Folks, the "blow-back" situations in this town are "real." I dare say that they are not "everywhere" -- but I'm sure that they are strident here.

It is hard to be yourself on the internet. But, it is nearly impossible to get people to do other things -- such as run for public office. There are a few "cancers" in our greater community -- and the "blow-back" cancer needs to be buffered.

Since, "being boring" can't count as a "secret" (i.e., all harbor some secrets) -- Justin should know that I have no other secrets -- other than the one at the top of this reply. But that cat was let out of the bag a while ago.

This should be a topic of further discussions as there are some long-term, deep-rooted, important concepts that need community-wide understanding. When we wash away the need to be anonymous, many of the other hang-ups that cripple our region are sure to diminish greatly.

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