Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This won't be the Zombie Christmas -- but next year might be

Perhaps the new high school in Pittsburgh could use The Zombie as its mascot.

Who wants to help me get that campaign started.

Pgh Public Schools is to open a new Science and Technology High School in the fall of 2009. It will be located in the existing Frick Middle School, in Oakland. That school will team up with the new University Prep High School, just opened the fall of 2008.

Presently, the U-Prep kids play with the Schenley Spartans -- a school that has been split up last year. We all know that story.

But, for now, the Schenley legacy is still alive. But it is getting phased out.

In the year(s) to come, new teams and mascots and high school names are going to be crafted. The I.B. High / I.B. World is going to need a new name and mascot. Plus, the Univ. Prep and Science and Tech Schools are going to field joint sports teams.

Well .... here is the plan.

Let's make the mascot for the U-Prep / Science and Tech high school the Zombie.

The Zombie would play to Pittsburgh's roots. And, required reading for all athletes and boosters could be WWZ.


Should we start a petition?

What about the colors? Should they be orange and purple? Orange was a color of South Vo Tech -- now defunct. Orange is the color of Halloween, of course.

Photo credit: Byron Dazey

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