Thursday, November 20, 2008

Delivered this letter to Pittsburgh Public Schools -- today

Pittsburgh Public Schools
Office of the Superintendent
Office of the Athletic Director
Office of the School Board

Dear PPS Board Members and School Administrators,

I care about sports and fitness. And, I want to be involved to the highest degree in these programs and their leadership.

It would be great if the new athletic booster groups could begin to gather as soon as possible. I'd be willing to get this started.

Furthermore, I feel that the new mascot for the combined sports teams with students at U-Prep and Science and Technology should be called, The Zombies. Pittsburgh has a rich tradition and history with the Zombie. That mascot choice alone will account for lots of buzz and schools-wide spirit. Kids will want to go there to be known as a “Zombie Athlete.”

As to the I.B. High – or I.B. World – or whatever it becomes, the mascot should be: The Olympians. It might be okay to be The Globetrotters – but that is used with a certain basketball team in Harlem – and it is for an all-black team. So, that has good and bad hangups. If not the Olympians – and if not the Globetrotters, then perhaps the team mascot could be The Wikipedians. That is a combo of Wiki (quick) as in Wikipedia. And pedestrian. A person who edits – is a Wikipedian.

I offer the last suggestion as a toss away option. Some folks just need to say 'no' and object to one option. Then there is good feelings to the others – Zombies and Olympians.

Visualize it now – the Olympians and their annual 'Toga Homecoming.' The school could use the wreath as a special award for activities. The name, “Olympians” could be a mascot name – but the five Olympic Rings and the name “Olympics” should be avoided for trademark concerns. Plus, the Olympians would be a good replacement for to the existing mascot, the Spartans.

Call me when we can meet and get started in more 'formal' dealing as to getting our community better engaged with our schools via the avenue of its sports teams.

Thanks for your consideration,


Mark Rauterkus said...

Zombies eat brains. Yummy. Another area for original promotions -- as in the snack bar and food court of school.

Anonymous said...

Teresa (Terry) Phipps Lane wrote via LinkedIn's network:

This is hilarious and I am completely behind you. I don't even like sports, but if the Zombie football team, or Zombie baseball team, was playing, I can only imagine the face paint and team spirit apparel you'd see there.

Anonymous said...

Another Zombie mention about the bailouts:

"I think KC is right on… the avg. person just is walking around like zombies now. I think the move to $5 a gallon gas, than the loss in their 401k/IRA just shocked them too much… The only way we can have them relate now is if KFC or Pizza Hut failed…"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Annette posted your email as a new topic on our blog. PURE REFORM.

We certainly need a discussion about sports in the fact it is one of the questions that we addressed to the district, but haven't gotten an answer. Thanks for all of your hard work for our schools.