Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Poll Question -- on the left margin. What should Russ do? Next challenge could be...

A political friend from the center of Pennsylvania, Russ Diamond, founder of PA Clean Sweep, is the target of the new poll put on this blog.

He is wondering as to what comes next for himself and his network of friends, associates and comrades in reform.

I think that the call to end property tax is strong -- but -- it isn't my cup of tea. As to a policy, I think we should get to a land-value tax. That would requre an end to property tax as we know it. But, it would be a shift back to just taxing the land. The property tax also hits upon the value of the buildings. We should push for a return to the land value tax in Allegheny County. The land value tax works well in urban areas. However, it isn't, perhaps, the best solution for rural areas. So, I feel that it isn't going to work well as a state-wide issue.

Furthermore, I think it is good to have local taxes so locals can do self government.

The other polling option is the call for a Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention. That is very exciting. I think we should have a Constitutional Convention and I want to be a part of that process.

Some are sure to say that if a Constitutional Convention would unfold, there would be a swarm of 'special interest lobbyist' attempt to take over the convention. That would be true. However, we've got to prohibit that from happening.

I'm in favor of a Constituional Convention. I'm willing to take that risk. And, I feel that the existing Constitution is pretty darn good. However, it is abused today. So, one of the items that needs to be put into the next document is a punishment to those who would challenge what is constitutional by making illegal laws.

Lend your opinion to the poll with a click or two. Thank!

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