Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Facebook Blub at Keep Brandeis Swimming & Diving Alive!!

Facebook | Keep Brandeis Swimming & Diving Alive!!: "The swimming pool is like a classroom -- or better yet -- a lab. Chem labs, Physics labs, Computer labs, swimming pool. And, in the swimming pool lab, one gets to study human performance that stands a test of time, space and, of course, relationships. Keep the pool -- as you want to keep great places for learning. Keep the team, as you want to keep scholars fit. Keep the program, because you want to keep (and keep attracting) the institution competitive with the best and brightest around the east and around the world.

Mark Rauterkus

PS: students from Pittsburgh apply to and attend Bradeis -- and we were impressed with them and their prep that allowed them to enter Brandeis.

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