Thursday, November 20, 2008

Said this before: Japan is upset that Obama won the election.

Four cities bidding for 2016 Olympics get to make their case - More Sports - "It's also the first bid presentations since the election of former Illinois senator Barack Obama as U.S. president, a potential major boost to the bid from his hometown of Chicago.

A video message from Obama, taped since his election victory, is expected to be included in Chicago's 20-minute delivery.

'There's heightened interest and excitement in the presentations,' Hickey said. 'People are wondering if the Chicago presentation will include something from President-elect Obama. It's an added dimension.'
But, Tokyo has its own secret weapon. The Prime Minister of Japan is an Olympian. He was a shooter in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

So, I guess Madrid, Spain, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, must be the ones that are the most mad -- since Obama won the election.

Obama goes into office in Jan 2009, he should still be in the White House and seeking re-election in time for the London 2012 Olympics. If he serves eight years, he'll be in the White House as the 2016 Summer Olympics are staged in his home town of Chicago.

Outfield of women's softball at Beijing Olympics had the Olympic rings. The team with the yellow and green is Australia. They lost to Japan and then got 3rd place -- in extra innings. Softball is due to get the Olympic ax -- as in baseball. Perhaps with the Chicago bid -- we'd get to see softball played at the home of the White Sox -- or the Cubs.


Anonymous said...

Mark, BO has done nothing yet - so there is no lock on 2012.

Seems like the Clintons and the cronies all over again...

What change is there - we are just turning back the clocks.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Pres-elect Obama did do something -- as he already filmed a video for the bid package.

Frankly, Chicago would be a nice city for the Olympics -- but -- it is super expensive.