Monday, November 10, 2008

Sports Illustrated is one of many with job cuts looming

Sports Illustrated needs 40 bodies gone within two weeks, says managing editor Terry McDonnell:
For the reasons outlined in Ann Moore’s reorganization announcement of 10/28/08, the Sports Illustrated Group will reduce the size of its staff across all properties. At the magazine, we will reduce staff in the following guild-covered categories:
copy editors,
photographers, designers, photo equipment technicians, picture catalogers, picture researchers, reporter-researchers, research assistants, writer-editors, writer-reporters.

A number of jobs not covered by the guild will also be eliminated at the magazine and across the group. Approximately 40 guild and non-guild volunteers are needed over the next two weeks to avoid involuntary job eliminations. If the number of volunteers falls short by Monday, December 1, involuntary layoffs will begin.

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