Friday, November 14, 2008

It might snow this weekend!

We have a new furnace, (pump and boiler), new chimney liner, and I know how to bleed the system and use a hand pump -- a bike pump -- to restore pressure in the line after bleeding. So, we're getting ready for the colder weather.


Anonymous said...

Mark...I got a liner a few years ago when I upgraded...well worth the cost and I believe it is required now.

ssider said...

i know Andy would be happy to see the care your are taking with his former business and home.

ssider said...

Forgive the blunder in the previous post (your are) I am a true SS'er and have had my friday limit.

Mark Rauterkus said...

typos and spelling goofs are no problem w me and this blog. Take the King's English and stuff it where the sun don't shine -- like in a chimmney. (too many Ms - understood)

Andy and his family have left us a nice house with good bones and karma. He raised two kids here too, as we do now.

The guy looked down the chimney today and said, "I've never seen a straighter chimney in all my life." Seriously. But, the guy is only 21.

Day and Night Heating rocks, by the way.

However, we still have to test this puppy as there might be a lingering zone that just doesn't get warm.