Thursday, November 06, 2008

A rehash of Mark C's vote for President

This isn't my words, but that of another Libertarian named Mark. Mark C posted:
I voted for Barr. His change of heart on several issues, real or not, was enough of a "man bites dog" story (reversal on drug war and PATRIOT Act) that I figured he could capture some media attention. I wish it had captured more attention than it did.

Besides, the thrifty Republicans spent like drunken Democrats. Their last Iraq war justification was as a welfare program aimed at an inner city that was a nation. Those protectors-of-the-little-guy Democrats let the PATRIOT Act and REAL ID stand untouched. As long as we treat all citizens like they're guilty members of a sleeper cell, then that's our fairness doctrine. And, hey, Homeland Security, TSA, etc. are big enough expansions of government that any Democrat could overlook potential civil rights trashing.

Barr's debate logic escaped me. He won't win, I understand that. I'll then settle for either educating people about LP ideas or to forcing the media to address ignored questions. This is where I think he missed the boat or that boat didn't even sail.

I wish he would have debated the other third party candidates as often as possible. Surely he's a smart enough guy to present a case that without both personal and economic freedom we're all at risk. That's the education part that didn't happen enough.

I also wish he would have screamed something like, "Why are Republicans spending like drunken Democrats? and "Why hasn't the Democrat congress repealed the PATRIOT Act?" and "Why do both parties want new, expensive departments that only serve to threaten individual rights? Those questions may have been asked, but I certainly didn't hear them enough.

Mark C.

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