Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Nice photo of The Water Cube in Beijing.

We've got four days of shadowing -- starting today. Grant, 5th grader, is visiting a middle school, Frick, today.

Frick is the same school his brother, Erik, has attended for the past three years. But, Frick is changing next year. Frick moves out of Oakland and into a Reizenstein -- and it becomes a school with grades that span from 6th to 12th grades. Frick is a good school and we're sad to have it change in such a drastic way.

He'll also visit Rodgers, the creative and performing arts middle school on Nov 21. Rodgers isn't going to be where it is today next year either. Rodgers moves downtown and it gets merged into the CAPA High School -- making another 6th to 12th grade school. Grant's first natural talent, violin, won't be put on display there. Rather, he'll go for his other talent -- creative writing.

The present 6th grade creative writing group of students at Rodgers is without any boys. There are 11 slots for next year.

Meanwhile, Erik has a choice to make for schools for next year too. He'll visit Allderdice tomorrow, Nov. 13. Then on Monday, Nov 17, Erik goes to the I.B. High -- Reisenstein -- and tags along with a guy in 10th grade. The present 9th graders are in the basement of Frick Middle School. Next year they'll have a new flux of students at Reizenstein.

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