Monday, March 23, 2009

Carmen Latrice Robinson's says "fighter"

UPDAED. See comments.

Facebook | Carmen Latrice Robinson's NotesA Good Fight!

Safe neighborhoods, good schools and a strong local economy are the building blocks of a livable city; those goals will not become a reality without a fighter at the helm.


If you’re looking for an advocate and not a politician, vote for a fighter Carmen Robinson, as you’re Mayor May 19th.
G.W. Bush and Dick Chaney were always looking to start a fight.

Tom Murphy was always in 'fight mode' too.

I'm thinking, 'fire in the belly' is great -- if not necessary. However, I'm not excited in the least bit about one who picks to make fights.

The Kingdom of Heaven goes to the peacemakers. Making peace is rough.

Give us un-unflappable leadership. Give us a fixture for certain principles. Give us tenacity. Give us an underdog that isn't intimidated. Give us drive and determination. Give us the uncomfortable.

More than telling you are hungry for a fight -- deliver the actions. Engage in that mental toughness of a fight with bone-headed authority figures day-in-and-day-out. Who are your in a rumble with? How is it going? What ground are you going to protect. What areas do we need to recapture? Draw lines and see who falls on which side?

If you want to be a fearless fighter like the TV cartoon, Tazmanian Devil, jumping around in a huff without purpose, you'll get less than 400 votes and not do much but blow smoke and dust into the air.

Finally, some are less into the fight and more into the outcomes. Getting jazzed about the fight is almost a primal urge -- if not middle-school aged hubris. Rather, let's jump on the bandwagon of a victor. Let's celebrate the win together. That is with real mass appeal.


Carmen said...

I will never 'pick a fight' in the sense of being a nuisance and I am amazed at anyone who would believe otherwise. I am only stating that I am not afraid of a 'good fight.' I'm an advocate for the people and I am very comfortable in that position. This isn't bravado it is what I do everyday. Thanks for your comments.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the reply. That is a great start. And, your reply makes sense.

I am sorta amazed that some candidates feel that the voters want to elect a 'fighter.' Al Gore said it and all sorts of folks do -- successful and otherwise.

The expression, "I'm here to fight for you!" fails for me. Change one word and it goes from minus 80 to plus 30. I'm here to fight WITH you has a much different tone and meaning to me.

But, in general, we don't want government branches to be fighting among themselves. Then the citizens are going to loose, generally.

Keep up the good fight. And, when you get some time, draw a line or two about what is a good fight and what isn't.

Mr. Kraus is fighting the good fight, in his efforts in his opinions, to put an end to couches sitting on porches. To me, that's not a good fight battle. But, if I'm mayor -- or if I'm a fellow member on council -- do I sign it or not? Humm...