Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Dowd and Schenley High School

I watched the first moments of the Dowd talk about Schenley High School closing (and his big important role in that) and nearly choked to death.

After a cooling off period, (15 seconds) the resumed the watch brings the following.

Schenley's capacity was strong. There are district problems that were ignored for too long -- thanks in good part to Patrick's in-action. But, the capacity at Schenley wasn't one of them. And, by closing Schenley, the rest of the problems got ignored still. And, a new set of problems came into the scene.

With too much capacity, why endorse a plan to open NEW high schools? New U-Prep. New I.B. New Sci-Tech. The U-PREP is in a building with ability to hold 1,000 plus students and the first year had less than 150. So, thanks to Patrick -- we've got bigger problems.

Still no change in sight for Westinghouse nor Peabody nor Oliver nor Langley. Zippo -- still.

Schenley wasn't a problem! But, Dowd closed it and made it worse.

Dowd said, "For years, and years, and years (3x), people ignored the problems at Schenley." Well, Schenley's new windows were like 5 years old. The entire facade of the building, and roof, was brand new. BLIND SPOT.

Same crap was said by Mark Roosevelt. He said on the radio that the physical structure of Schenley had not changed for 90 years. Except the new swim pool, new gym and addition -- all modern in recent decades. Lies.

Money was spent on Schenley. Not enough on the walls. But, elsewhere.

The 'Rightsized plan' (old news on Dowd's tenure) was to close 20+ ELEM Schools. Except 1 = Schenley H.S. Some how that school, Schenley HS, was put into the mix with Elem Schools. Go figure. That was on Dowd's watch. We fixed that with outrage at the board.

The merry-go-round didn't stop on Patrick's watch. It tripled in speed, IMNSHO.

Bonus clip -- flashback:

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