Friday, March 06, 2009

Sporting Weekend and More Discussions Perking

I'm heading up a sports task force of sorts with Mark Conner with Pgh Public Schools. I'll be making phone calls on that front starting on Sunday. If this is an interest that is important to you, send me an email: Mark - at - Rauterkus - dot - com.

My questions are simple at first. I think we need to express ourselves as to the state of the OVERALL SPORTS and ATHLETICS in the PPS District. And, as to its OVERALL importance to the community, to the health and wellness of the participants and families, and the impact it can and should have on our school life.

You can send me your thoughts via email -- or -- just think on the topics and I'll talk to you on the phone.

I'm working on a lot of different aspects of this -- and have been for my entire professional career as a coach and volunteer.

Two extras:

Friday night at 6 pm the Fox Chapel Foxes visit Allderdice High School to play Schenley in a girls PIAA basketball game. That's tonight.

Saturday at 1:30 the Mt. Lebo Blue Devils visit Peabody to play the boys team of Allderdice in another PIAA hoops game. That's tomorrow -- as the Pitt vs. UConn game comes to a close (noon tip).

Meanwhile, I'll be on a bus with the women's water polo team from Chatham Univ this afternoon. We're going to play Univ. of Michigan at 9 am and then Indiana Univ Hoosiers in the afternoon. Go Chatham Cougars. This is the first year women's water polo is a varsity sport here. Wish me luck.

So, I won't hit the PIAA hoops games -- but I hope you and your family can attend.

I was at a breakfast business meeting in Mt. Lebo this AM and guy there told me that many in his community were 'scared shitless' (his words) about going to Peabody. Such a sad statement. Let's treat them well.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Watch my twitter for updates from Michigan.

Anonymous said...

Told to eat at:

Zingermans Deli for expensive lunch w nice environs

Angellas (for deep fried french toast)

Blimpie for greasy spoon burgers