Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kids on the radio on Saturday playing violin

Tune in to the Saturday Light Brigade Radio Show on Saturday from 10-10:30 AM to hear us do our new Irish music set as well as other fiddle, jazz and rock tunes. You can hear the show on the following stations

WRCT 88.3 Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh
WIUP 90.1 Indiana University Indiana PA
WMCO 90.7 Muskingum U. Ohio
WSAJ 91.1 Grove City PA
WNJR 91.7 Washington & Jefferson U.
WCUV 91.7

Or on the internet from their site

You may also come to see us do this remote broadcast at the Pittsburgh Center For The Arts at the corner of Fifth Ave. and Shady Ave. in Shadyside. It's their open house and open to the public free. We may also stick around for awhile and play a few more tunes in another area of the center.

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