Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Parents and Education -- connections

In the Classroom Connecting with over- and under-involved parents
No matter how much an educator begs, some parents won’t get involved in the classroom; others are so-called “helicopter parents” who hover over their children constantly. Whether you’re faced with too much or too little from parents, it can sometimes be a struggle to develop positive relationships with family members in order to ensure student success.


Call parents at the beginning of the year to introduce yourself.

Be clear about when and how it’s appropriate to contact you.

Call, e-mail or send notes home about your students’ positive accomplishments, not just negative happenings.

Send home student-generated newsletters regularly.

Maintain a class Web site.

Send home progress reports for all students.

Let parents know how they can help their children at home.

Publicize classroom volunteer opportunities on a special parent bulletin board.

Encouraging reluctant parents

McDonald says: “Informed parents equal empowered parents, which equal supportive parents; uninformed parents equal frustrated/helpless parents, which equal angry/defensive parents.”

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