Sunday, March 22, 2009

South Side's revelry challenges police

Here is the perfect example of when it is great to scream, "Think Again!"
South Side's revelry challenges police: "'I'm sorry, officer,' the man said. 'I apologize. I didn't even think about it.'"
Didn't even think about it. Well, a $100 ticket -- or whatever the amount -- is good cause to think again. The ticket, the enforcement, would be a 'wake up call' that would linger longer in that guy's memory. And, in the collective conscious of the community.

So, did this guy get a ticket? Was a fine ordered and collected by the police? The order came from the neighbors. What was delivered by the officers of the peace?

Yep, think again to Mr. Kraus too. He is the one who wants more state help on the South Side, saying they don't help enough but it was a State Police Officer that used his gun while on patrols the week prior.

Kraus wants to get a 'handle on this.' The city doesn't need city council members putting handles on what they can't handle.

I'd say that the neighborhood's personality changed on St. Patrick's Day much before 6 pm. It changed on the day of the St. Pat's Day Parade, the Saturday before St. Pat's Day -- by about 10 am. So, the re-change on Tuesday, the real St. Pat's Day, came at 6 pm -- as reported.

A tall girl in black tights and a short skirt was walking away from a long, wide puddle that was streaking over the pavement toward the cruiser.

She saw the officers, flipped jet black hair over her shoulder and stalked away.

"That's class there, sweetheart, real class," Officer Stover called after her.

She was lucky they hadn't actually seen her urinating, he said. They would have issued a citation.

That's enforcement. That's evidence. That's when it is time, again, to "Think Again." Issue the citation.

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Anonymous said...

Mark - no - banning sofas will solve the issues! And sidewalk cafe's.

The other thing I notice from up top - hey - its not in our backyard (ie the Mayor's - so what does he care).