Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pittsburgh goes to the mattresses — and sofas - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Whew. We dodged a bullet with the fines for these couches.
Pittsburgh goes to the mattresses — and sofas - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "'The safety and the image and health and prosperity of the surrounding neighborhood is critical to the health and safety of the business district,' she said. 'These (couches) really are safety hazards.'
There will never be a fine given for anyone. Enforcement won't happen.

If the fee was $20. Then tickets might get written.

Socking a kid a $500 bill will knock them out of college in many instances.

Besides a $20 fee rather than a $500 fee, how about if you give out a 3-1-1 phone number and the Department of Public Works will come to pick-up the couch in 24 hours or less.


Anonymous said...

First it was food vendors on East Carson Street! Now its couches in Oakland! What progressive reform. Clean and Green!!

What a joke....

Anonymous said...

Bruce Kraus - Saving Pittsburgh - One Sofa at a Time.