Friday, March 27, 2009

One Dollar DVD Project Is No Longer... a one man operation.

Better than NetFlicks, sorta. longer a one-man operation, that is.

Two assistants help get the orders out, now. I suppose it is a good thing the project is too much for me alone.

The DVDs are still a dollar each when purchased in bulk (over $100). Otherwise, they are now two dollars each.

Do not blame inflation, I am no longer able to do it all, at my age. Some will be bummed, sorry.

Smaller orders will be more costly. If regular, repeat buyers will order less often and buy more per order, little will change for them. Besides, why give the Post Office all the shipping charges, anyway?

Please, buy a box full ever so often and help this project continue to grow.

Also, a new Recurring Subscription Project is available. Receive monthly deliveries of the most popular or newest DVDs; four DVDs a month for only $9.95 or, nine a month for only $19.95. You will receive more than one copy so, pass the extras along to friends and neighbors after viewing.

Again, thank you all who work the front lines of the info war. Please, just consider me part of your support team.


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