Saturday, March 28, 2009

Lewis, Clark and Dog from Pittsburgh, Seaman

The Phillips Elem School Think-a-thon team goes into its competition today at Brashear High School.

Meanwhile, I'm going with the Chatham University women water polo players to Erie for three matches.

Updated w photo.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the two teams from Schenley and their advisors, Mrs. Kiesel, Mr. Naveh, and Mr. Vitti, on their fantiastic performance at Saturday's Think-a-Thon. Continuing the fine Schenley tradition, our teams were first and third overall in the twelve team high school division. Not bad for a school without a permanent home!

They announced at the award ceremony that the art projects will be on display at the board building at a later date. Although I did not see him, it was announced that Mark Roosevelt was there for part of the day. I did see board member Sherry Hazuda.

I have the minutes from the March 18 PSCC meeting if anyone would like to have a copy. Just send me an email. The next PSCC meeting will be April 15. Frick PSCC will be invited to the May meeting instead of the April meeting as previously announced so that more information concerning their move will be available.

I have attached the April calendar for parent engagement activities.

If anyone has any spring activities from any of the IS schools to share with the group, please send them to me. Mr. Huber is doing a good job of getting Schenley activities on the Schenley calendar but he needs to have the information given to him.

amy moore