Friday, March 06, 2009

Ken asks for thoughs on this reading list

Please read ANY ONE of the following prior to the Video Marathon for SWEATSHOP EDUCATORS. Contact Kenneth or Amy for copies of any of these.

Paying to Lose our Jobs, The National Labor Committee

Describes with primary resources the connections between trade and foreign policy. Anyone who ever pondered how the Human Rights of apparel industry workers is connected to the campaigns against US militarism, this one is for you.

Bangladesh: The Role of U.S. Universities and Student Solidarity, from National Labor Committee

An early attempt by the National Labor Committee to connect university communities with the people who sew their clothes. Bangladesh is SPECIAL, for so many reasons.

AFL-CIO Solidarity Center Guide for Conducting Workshops with Apparel Industry Workers

What do AFL-CIO Solidarity Center employees talk to workers about? How are these teaching techniques similar to those we use with workers in Pittsburgh or students in the classroom?

Workers Rights Consortium report on Multi-Fiber Expiration

The Multi Fiber Arrangement (1972-2003) was the mother of all the “Free Trade” agreements that proceeded it. It’s implementation created the global apparel industry we know today and its expiration began a new chapter of instability.

Workers Rights Consortium Annual Report for Affiliates

Are the 250 College and University affiliations with the Workers Rights Consortium having an impact? The disclosure and investigatory protocols that the WRC has established are not enough to make a dent.

The Jungle, Upton St Clair

The original piece of mucking raking journalism that uncovered terrible workers rights abuses.

David Zirin – What’s My Name Fool?

Or any other book by David Zirin. Read Zirin’s coverage of the 2006 All Star Game. This is the contemporary sports writer who gets the likes of Dennis Brutus and Roberto Clemente.

Any biography of Mohandas Ghandi

How are the life and ideas of Mohandas Ghandi connected to a contemporary global apparel union organizing drive?

Field of Schemes

What are we up against when we make demands on the Pittsburgh Pirates or try to leverage the people’s ownership of PNC Park to impact their licensing efforts? Why is it important for Pittsburgh’s future that require the Pittsburgh Pirates to honestly address our concerns about an issue so black and white as sweatshop apparel licensing?

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