Friday, March 27, 2009

City's lack of glitz now a selling point for conventions

City's lack of glitz now a selling point for conventions VisitPittsburgh is now marketing the city as a glamorless destination for the post-luxury age.
I've been saying and wishing others would promote that Pittsburgh is a great place to be frugal -- and for living as a family. The combination of the two are slam dunks for most and better than what they've ever come up with.

Getting the casino means some new business. But, it also means others won't come. The net effect is marginal at best.

So, only VisitPittsburgh would begin to bill the city as less than glamorless a few months before the casino opens. Go figure. The timing is wrong again.

When one does organize an event, it is a draw to have a city that can function yet not distract those who attend. This means that the conference attendees go to the trade show, attend the lectures, have time to socialize among themselves in the profession. That's an ideal world for event organizers. Especially if the family of those attending can hook a trip too and have sideline activities -- like Kennywood, Sandcastle, Warhol, Science Center, and so forth.

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