Friday, March 27, 2009

Pittsburgh approves first round of surveillance cameras

Pittsburgh approves first round of surveillance cameras: "Ending a 21-month selection process, the city of Pittsburgh today announced it has picked Maryland-based Avrio Group to deploy a network of public safety surveillance cameras, starting along riverfronts and extending into high-crime areas.
If they are going to point cameras into high crime areas, then there will be a lot along Grant Street, inside the buildings and among the Authorities too.

I want to point the cameras at the public officials before they are pointed at the citizens.


Matt H said...

Love the idea of cameras. I hope we are getting some up here in Elliott.

Liz Ames said...

Study after study shows that cameras do nothing to prevent crime. Nothing. They don't even help *solve* crime in any significant way. They're a big bad waste of money but make people feel good because oh, look, someone's watching... while my car is being stolen... and no one is stopping it... but someone saw... a grainy image of no use toward recovering my car or jailing the perpetrator... but cameras make me feel safer just the same. It's bad psychology and a waste, waste, waste.