Thursday, March 11, 2010

After School Programs - Next Steps and Upcoming Regional Meetings

My one word reaction is FINALLY.

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Dear After School Provider:


Since I arrived in Pittsburgh over four years ago, I have continued to be struck by Pittsburgh’s community-wide commitment to after school.  I was pleased, but I was not surprised, that over 90 people in the after school community attended the meeting, “Working Together: How Pittsburgh Public Schools & After School Programs Can Support Children on The Pathway to the Promise”™ last fall at the administration building. It is clear to me that Pittsburgh’s community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, intermediary organizations and foundations already understand what national research has confirmed – at-risk, urban children must be engaged in high-quality activities during out-of-school hours, including after school and summer, in order to advance student achievement for all students.


But Pittsburgh Public Schools and the after school community have a lot of work to do maximize and measure the benefits of after school. With the goal of becoming the first urban district to educate the vast majority of its students for post-secondary education and the gift of The Pittsburgh Promise®, it is time to come together to build an effective city-wide after school network that is carefully designed to meet the complex needs of students. Our vision is for all students to have the opportunity to engage in high-quality after school programs that support their academics, expand their interests and are exciting and fun. We believe that after school programs have an important role in helping students become “Promise-Ready” (a phrase that is becoming embedded in the Pittsburgh Public Schools to ensure that students have planned and prepared for post-secondary education). 


Let’s be clear – this is not an easy task.  There are many questions, basic and complex, that need to be answered by Pittsburgh Public Schools and the after school community. How many children are enrolled in programs? What programs are effective and why? How can services be targeted to meet the individual needs of students? How can in-school and out-of-school gains be leveraged and measured?  How can the Pittsburgh Promise and the importance of college be communicated deeply to children and parents?  How can the after school community unite on common issues, goals and outcomes?  It is important that we answer these questions together and establish customized standards and metrics for after school partnerships that share accountability and that are based on need, quality and results. 


In order to start to answer these questions, PPS is creating a centralized process for community-based and faith-based after school programs to partner with Pittsburgh Public Schools starting in School Year 2010-2011.  Programs that operate in PPS buildings will be required to apply and programs that operate at their own sites are encouraged to apply.  We want and need your input on the design.


Holly O’Donnell, After School Manager, is hosting four regional meetings and we encourage you or a member of your staff to attend one of them. 


The information for the meetings is below:


Wednesday, March 17th, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.–       East Minster Presbyterian Church

 250 N. Highland Avenue, 15206


Tuesday, March 23rd, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. –         The Northshore Community Alliance

                                                                                     1439 N. Franklin Street, 15233


Wednesday, March 24th, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. –   The Hill House (main facility)

                                                                                    1835 Centre Avenue, 15219


Friday, March 26th, 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. –           Brashear Association

             2005 Sarah Street, 15203


* Please R.S.V.P to Holly at or 412-622-3926


We appreciate the unique role of after school programs in the lives of PPS children and we ask you to join with our District to Dream Big and Work Hard and to do whatever it takes to achieve our mission of preparing all children for academic excellence and strength of character, so that they have the opportunity to succeed in all aspects of life. 





Mark Roosevelt



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