Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fw: City Council: Garment workers are not rocksalt

From: PGH Sweatshop <>
Workers from Bangladesh are coming here to provide testimony that will directly contradict legal documents that their bosses have signed… the bosses promised our local governments that the working conditions were much better than they actually are.  These sweatshop bosses lied to take advantage of government contracts. 
Members of the Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity are coming to Pittsburgh on April 27 and they expect us to implement our laws in ways that will empower them at work.   They know that we have laws in the City, County, and State that are designed to protect their rights… laws designed to leverage our governmental procurement and be felt as improvements to sweatshop working conditions in Bangladesh.  The workers are coming to ask us if our laws work, if our legal system and administrative policies can have an impact for them.
Our answer is YES!  The Pittsburgh Anti  Sweatshop Community Alliance does not underestimate the challenges this testimony will pose to our government officials, but the resources and capacity to take action are at our finger tips.   Members of PASCA will speak before Pittsburgh City Council at on Tuesday March 30 and to Allegheny Council at on Tuesday April 6… The message for the members of Pittsburgh City Council this Tuesday is simple: Garment Workers are not rocksalt. 
The momentum towards April 27 has surged forward with a grant award from the Three Rivers Community Foundation that will help pay for the workers' visit.  Thank you TRCF for believing in a Civil Rights Bridge from Pittsburgh to the Floor of the Global Sweatshop.  Yes, 'Change not Charity.'
NINE different labor unions, civil rights organizations, individuals, and businesses have stepped up to co-sponsor this workers visit with generous donations for $50 - $200.  Please join them. 
CONTACT: Kenneth - 412 867 9213 or
Send a donation to: PASCA c/o Thomas Merton Center, 5125 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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